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Managed hosting keeps you focused on important business tasks

Let us take care of your site.

We handle the website best practices

  • Check that page load times are reasonable
  • The site is secure from hacking
  • The WordPress core, plugins and themes are up-to-date
  • Backups are happening
  • Plug-in conflicts are resolved

We give advice when you need it

  • Explain things in simple terms
  • Examine and fix reported site issues
  • Give knowledgeable advice on which free and paid plug-ins to use
  • Configure plug-ins to get development going faster
  • Install themes properly
  • Restore the site from backup
  • Assist web developers, ecommerce store managers and customer service staff to resolve issues

Giving advice on your site is a huge difference when compared to other WordPress managed hosting companies. We not only provide a safe, secure and fast location to host your site — but we help with your site itself. You get two hours per month for collaboration on what you need to improve your site.

We help beginners to veterans

  • Questions on how to do something? Sure!
  • Questions from a web developer on something technical? Sure!
  • Recommend, install and configure a plug-in? Sure!
  • Something concerning you with the site and you want to discuss options? Sure!

Our goal is to provide you with performance and service so you are happy and your site is working perfectly. That creates immense confidence that your site is doing exactly what it needs to do.