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It’s exciting indeed to go from testing Stripe in your checkout process to going live! Once live, you are accepting credit card payments.

Plan Ahead for Smooth Sailing

There are several things to plan and implement before you go live.

  1. Make sure 100% of your testing is complete. If you leave something to chance, you’ll scramble later. Testing includes checkout plus what happens right after checkout (thank you page, welcome email, where to login, support channels, etc).
  2. Delete all test transactions and users. Being unable to tell real users from test accounts causes problems. Clean up now to be happier tomorrow.
  3. Inform your team the date and time you are going live. Every member needs to treat Stripe payments as real from that moment on.
  4. Confirm with the support team that everyone is 100% ready to go live and that they have confidence to know what to do with a new customer’s request.

Provide Proper Training

  • Have a plan and a person in place to help with checkout issues via Stripe. The support team needs to know what it looks like when “checkout goes right” and when “checkout goes wrong.”
  • Check with your support team leader that each person is trained on using the Stripe interface to see new users and transactions. Even if you are “all of support” then make sure you have practiced beforehand. This improves customer satisfaction and reduced your stress level.
  • Have a plan and a person to handle billing issues and refunds. Questions will arise. Train the billing team prior to going live.

Updating Stripe

We can work alongside you to do these steps. Many customers choose to coordinate with us to go live with Stripe.

  1. Copy the live secret key and publishable key and paste them into the proper place in your plugin.
  2. If a webhook is used by your plugin, add the proper URL in Stripe’s webhook
  3. Change the toggle switch from Test to Live

Once the configuration is done, run at least one test transaction with a live credit card. Make sure the transaction appears properly in your plugin dashboard and the Stripe dashboard. Then, do a celebration dance because Stripe is live!

Peace of Mind

At We Do WordPress, we take great care of your business technical foundation. We’ll help configure your plugin so Stripe checkout is working properly. You can be accepting credit card fast. Don’t get bogged down. Leave the technical heavy-lifting to us. Return to to running your business with confidence.