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If you have the Divi theme installed or other themes from Elegant Themes and you want to use OptimizePress for your landing pages, there is a conflict. You cannot use the OptimizePress Live Editor — a tool to help you drag-and-drop to build landing pages.

This is documented by OptimizePress in this article. They list the themes and plug-ins that are incompatible with OptimizePress.

Your Options

1. Use this simple work around (that will take patience)

Be careful as this is not a solution but a work around. In Dashboard > Appearance > Themes, you enable the “Twenty Sixteen” standard WordPress theme. This disables the Divi child theme. Then, the OptimizePress Live Editor works. Create your pages and publish. Next, re-enable the Divi Child theme.

We have conducted limited testing with this work around. It would require you to turn off the Divi theme when editing the OptimizePress page and that affects what visitors to the site would see during your edit process. You could enable a “maintenance page” while you are making changes. Then, visitors would see the maintenance page instead. Turn off the “maintenance page”

2. Use OptimizePress for the entire theme for the site

You would choose a theme within OptimizePress. We can install that theme for you. You would no longer use Divi. Note: Anything in the Divi Builder would be lost. If you are going to make a theme change, extract content from the Divi Builder into the general editor. Once transferred, you will not lose the content when you disable Divi.

3. Stick with Divi theme

This allows you to use Divi Builder and the richness of that theme. You may use Divi pages for landing pages that look as good as OptimizePress landing pages.

4. Choose another theme for the website that is not incompatible with OptimizePress

Because themes are very personal, it depends on what theme you desire. It is difficult for us to make a theme recommendations because it depends on what you want.  If you purchase a theme, you would provide it to us (with the license) and we can install it and check if it works with the OptimizePress Live Builder. Be careful, because if the theme does not work, you would have to seek a refund from the theme provider.


If you have questions or need further recommendations, please contact us. We are here to support you.