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Stripe is a popular credit card processor with competitive fees and an outstanding management interface.

It’s very important to test the checkout process from an end-user’s perspective. There are several steps for proper testing:

  1. Log into Stripe and make sure the Live/Test switchA switch that allows you to go between live payments and testing. It can be switched back and forth at any time. is set to Test.
  2. Make sure your payment options are configured to use the Stripe test secret key and test publishable key
  3. If there is a webhook, add that to your Stripe webhooks. This allows Stripe to know all it needs to know about the transaction and post back to your plugin with the results.
  4. Use the test credit card numbers on Stripe’s testing page.

Quick Credit Card Transaction

  • Use a valid email address so you can see the results of a valid checkout.
  • Use test card number 4242424242424242. No card actually gets charged.
  • Choose an expiration month and year in the future.
  • Use 123 as the CVC code.

Common Mistakes

  • Running test transactions with Stripe set to Live. Instead, you want it on Test mode.
  • The test secret and publishable keys are not added to your plugin configuration.
  • The live keys are being used instead of the proper, test keys.
  • The webhook wasn’t added to Stripe. You see the payment going through but nothing or partial transactions results show up in your plugin dashboard.

Peace of Mind

At We Do WordPress, we take great care of your business technical foundation. We’ll help configure your plugin so Stripe checkout is working properly. You can be accepting credit card fast. Don’t get bogged down. Leave the technical heavy-lifting to us. Return to to running your business with confidence.